About Us

Piece of Mind is owned by Gretchen Schueller.  Piece of Mind was the name of Gretchen's beaded jewelry line, started in 1987.  At first, Gretchen had no interest in selling her work; it was strictly for personal use.  Then, one day, Gretchen was working on a bracelet while at work and a lady asked her if she could buy it.  Gretchen soon realized that she could sell pieces for more than she paid for the beads, thus enabling her to buy even more beads: and the stash of beads began!  

The idea behind Piece of Mind Design Studios was to provide beaded jewelry makers somewhere to go where they knew they could find some new and unusual pieces to work with, something they wouldn't find elsewhere, at great prices.  Being a jewelry designer for so long, Gretchen understood the need for such a place.  Having learned the basics of beading primarily by trial and error, she also saw the need for a reliable place for beaders to go for classes as well as friendly and helpful advice.  With several nationally known instructors who teach at the studio, Piece of Mind has become your best bet for friendly service and a rewarding jewelry experience.

Piece of Mind 
Design Studios